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Since its establishment in May 1st, 1985, Sung Woo Industrial Co. has been specialized for producing thermal fuses and thermal fuse assemblies.
Currently, we are producing about 150 million thermal fuses and thermal fuse assemblies
per year and supplying them to many companies in more than 30 countries over the world.
Especially, we are producing about 2.5 million thermal fuses applied in refrigerator per month, which accounts for about 50% of the world market.

Moreover, we are supplying most of quantity required by local major companies including LG Electronics, Samsung, Hyundai & Kia motors, and have maintained over 90% of market share in Korea,
growing up as the 3rd global company in the world’s thermal fuse industry.
This is a result of our constant product and production technology development and quality control.
We, over 100 members of Sung Woo Industrial Co., will keep doing our best to provide competitive price and Zero PPM quality level so that we can be the world best company specialized for thermal fuses.


Thermal fuse

Metallic case type (5A, 10A, 15A) -
SW-1, 3, 5 SERIES
Alloy type (2A, 5A) - SW-2 SERIES

Thermal fuse related harnesses


Electrical insulators and wear resistant structures


Global Leader In Thermal Fuse